WIP: Soul (working title) preview

I have been working on a game entitled soul for now, the game play is a bit like Astroids meets fl0w. Here are some screenshots of things so far…

phil 🙂



ok so development has really slowed down on this project. the website is nearly done but we have not yet announced our first game jam.

anyways.. take a look here WWW.IGNITEGAMEJAM.COM

the forum is semi active but everything should pick up again shortly when i can find the time to promote and develop the site some more.

TDR Game news

here is a new screenshot of TDR race game. i am extremely happy now i have re-done the road textures.

Wigs game

I recently bashed together a quick prototype game called wigs. the aim is to fire “wigs” from a cannon at gems in order to score points. the prototype looked ok and played excellent, i had the whole house competing for the high score. I recently decided to spend a couple of days on the prototype working towards an alpha build of the game.
here are some screen shots of some work so far..

more wigs news later 😛

quick update..

ok so im still awake, you know what they say “once you’ve got the bug”.

Ignite indie game jam wip

late night development in my boxers.. the best way.. the only way. its 5:13 am now and i have just finished the first design phase of a new website called “ignite game jam”. ignite is an indie gaming website aimed at sparking (you see what i did there) creativity and allow a place where like-minded people can come to bounce ideas around. the main concept of the website is “game jams” where teams of programmers and artist meet both physically and virtually to complete a game in a short given time. this is usually done by setting a theme and a deadline to which teams and solo solders must stick to. what makes a jam different from a competition? well game jams are all about sharing ideas, team work and sparking creativity and quite often are not judged or offer any prizes.  with this in mind i wanted to start something and what followed is this…

yes that is a website..

this website has a tiny display size but its large enough to fit all the info needed and makes a great template for the jams (its 5:30 am ill explain in more detail later).

also i recognised there would be a need for larger screen (for the forum etc) but i didn’t want to lose the theme so i built this..

i will get the website up (public) asap (think i might sleep first) but in the meantime i will add a forum and invite some people to test the site while its in beta.

i also want to start getting people involved asap, it’s a community aimed site after all.

so i thought i would run a couple of no prize competitions for motto for the site and a new header image while i organise the first jam.

the plan is for the first jam to be around mid february, themed and judged. no prize though, other than the crown of “winner of 1st ignite jam”

hopefully further down the line the site can get sponsors from company’s like unity3d or esenthel for its comps.

anyways really must sleep now.. or grab a cup of tea and go another round on the site.


random screenies and artwork.

the wife! lol

corrado mod wip.


anglesey barrier..