ok so development has really slowed down on this project. the website is nearly done but we have not yet announced our first game jam.

anyways.. take a look here WWW.IGNITEGAMEJAM.COM

the forum is semi active but everything should pick up again shortly when i can find the time to promote and develop the site some more.


TDR Game news

here is a new screenshot of TDR race game. i am extremely happy now i have re-done the road textures.

Wigs game

I recently bashed together a quick prototype game called wigs. the aim is to fire “wigs” from a cannon at gems in order to score points. the prototype looked ok and played excellent, i had the whole house competing for the high score. I recently decided to spend a couple of days on the prototype working towards an alpha build of the game.
here are some screen shots of some work so far..

more wigs news later 😛