urbanbeatz website WIP screen

my music store was well over due an update.. here is a screen shot of the progress so far.

website to due to go live again on the 14/01/2011. store is currently closed while these updates are applied.

there is also a gaming related website under dev, wip title of love2game but some cu*t has bought this domain and just parked it.. wa*kers.

anyways i am sure i will find something just as good 🙂




TDR screenshots

WIP GUI – 20% done

WIP Engine running. GFX are not final. but do you like my red telephone boxes.. 🙂

i stupidly spent about 2 hours making the start banner texture. oh well you will be able to see it better when TDR goes chase cam styley.

non of the graphics are final, i just wanted to get the engine done. currently the cam runs at 4:3 but the game runs at 16:10 (or 16:9) hence the stretching. will get this sorted soon tho.

i am still in two minds whether to use a dll for physics, this would mean the loss of mac support. but if i do it means i can use a dll also for the in built music player too. FMOD of course would be my first choice.

more updates and sh*t soon.



well it has been a while since my last post, i have been a bit busy with quiting my day job and christmas.

here is whats going on in the world of blunt…

corrado project is on hold.

kenblock drift game is now back under development under the title of “TDR”.

escape from africa platform game is on hold

new game under development, the six tools of the ninja.

the blunt web network is being re-done and prepared for launch.

no pics this time sorry. ill get some screenies up after the new year.

best wishes to all for 2011.


good times..

good things happening.. wts

new screen.. wip

corrado pics wip

still alot to do…

you should see the in game shots..  coming soon.